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What is Shakti Yoga or feminine form YOGA?

Simply put,  masculine nature is structured and rigid, feminine nature is unstructured and more circular, fluid. Our world today is overloaded with masculine (solar energy) We need a balance of both the masculine and feminine to thrive.  Mother nature is calling us to get back to nature and that means bringing more feminine form qualities (lunar energy)back into our daily lives. 

Shakti yoga gets personal, we get intimate, we get down to the bone (body yantras) we will  move , we will flow freely. In shakti style yoga we stay strong without rigidity locks or binds. Shakti yoga is free flowing with love practices in adaptability, consciousness learning to flow and strengthen our bodies with  the world around us

For all bodies, all identifying genders, all ages, all backgrounds, here to explore you in all your radiance.


I’m not in town, you’re not in town?! No worries, access monthly content to deepen your practices with Ayurveda and Yoga.

For only $20, each bundle includes and feminine form movement practice, meditation, lecture, recipe, and playlist.

All themed seasonally and from the heart.


What is Lunar Hair Trimming?

The Blunt Snip method: I learned this method from extensive study, self-trimming, and the very informative videos from Morrocco Method hair shaman.

A quick dusting off of bad ends, just like plants the hair grows during certain moon cycles. Lunar hair cutting each season around the full moon can be very effective for hair health and it is said that 1 lunar hair trim/ dusting is the equivalent of up to 7 acupuncture treatments.

Magical and moon beamy, along with refreshing your hair and losing dead ends, you get a personalized herbal oil rubbed into your scalp.



The Royal Treatment

The word shiro means head and the word dhara means stream. This beautiful, deeply relaxing treatment involves pouring a stream of warm oil over the forehead. Shirodhara is a powerful treatment for relieving mental stress and nervous tension. It works primarily on the mental sheath and it is here that the mind holds on to past impressions that create imbalanced desires and habitual patterns of behavior. These impressions are held captive in the limbic system of the emotional cortex of the brain.

Benefits of Shirodhara: According to Ayurveda, Shirodhara deeply relaxes the nervous system, lowers metabolism, integrates brain function and creates brain wave coherence and an alpha state. When the brain is under stress, cerebral circulation is compromised. As oil is poured onto the forehead, the nervous system is deeply stilled. The brain waves slow down and become coherent. Once the brain is quieted, more life energy and oxygen and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain.


What is Amrita Aromatherapy?

I have found Amrita essential oils to be the most trusted,  essential oil company out in the market today. 

I use and recommend Amrita essential oils and carrier oils for my personal use and in my practice.

I sell these oils and usually have many available immediately. If I don't have it you can buy online and get it in a few days.

Schedule an Aromatherapy 101 course for your business, yoga studio, group, or just for yourself.


What you should know about one of the world's most researched methods of blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery:


Without adequate oxygen and nutrients and the effective removal of waste products , your cells cannot metabolize correctly, less energy is manufactured in the cells and the intracellular waste becomes acidic. BEMER can enhance yoga & ayurvedic healing therapies. 

How it works?
BEMER has specific patented signal that activates the body's amazing powers. BEMER uses their patented signal to deliver the benefits that no other PEMF machine can accomplish.

Practicing yoga and of course, we know getting movement into your daily routine can enhance blood flow, but what if there is a way to accelerate enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply and cellular waste disposal even further. One reason to follow Ayurvedic protocols / daily routines is to enhance the bodies own healing powers , therefore the Arts and Practice of Ayurveda and yoga is to self heal. Practicing yoga regularly is beneficial to increasing general blood flow, though it may be difficult and take longer for some, depending on the individual body biochemistry and underlying issues. The benefits of increased blood flow within the human body are renowned and positive results have been published in over fifty medical publications. I believe I benefit , my  friends and family , clients and students  of Ayurveda and yoga greatly benefit by using BEMER along with their daily routine and movement practices.


Proven Scientific Benefits of Using BEMER

Enhanced General Blood flow & Cellular Waste Removal, Enhanced Cardiac Functions, Better Concentration and Relaxation, More Strength, Energy, and Physical Fitness, Sleep Management, and Stress Reduction.

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and then...