Certified Ayurvedic

Health Coach and Yoga teacher 

I see you are you ready to put yourself first. You want to find more clarity to do what you love and access that vibrant body you know is there.  How about also, feeling endlessly sexy, passionate, creative and more intuitive? You can have it all. You found me . You are in the right place.  I shall guide you to into your greatest human potential.


I’m JodyMarie and I’m here to guide you to reclaim the life you are meant to live. My health guidance counseling and healing is based in the feminine form of Ayurveda (Science of Life), Shakti Yoga, Tantra, and their modalities. I will teach and guide you how to get intimately connected to your health and in a state of being to feel happy and wildly and lovingly free. 

INTIMACY = In~ to ~ ME ~ I ~ see.

What does it mean to teach and guide the feminine form of healing? Click Here.

Are you ready to live fully?

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